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So does anyone else pull faces and take photos for expression reference and then worry that if the police ever search your computer they’ll think you are a troubled individual and that the giant folder full of pictures of hands and naked people might seem like a sign of a disturbed mind even though IT’S TOTALLY FOR DRAWING REFERENCE. 

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  1. silvanoir said: it looks like you’re reacting to a horrible internet video
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    Okay, good. I’m not the only one. »
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    I need to remember that one. “It’s for drawing reference.” Got it.
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    No I’m more worried it’s all the pictures of skinned animals and intestines that will do it. Still totally for drawing...
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  12. varethane said: If I had a webcam I would do it ALL THE TIME. 8D
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    If they do find all of my stuff, they I got a lot of explaining to do lmao.
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  15. seapeny said: I make weird faces in the mirror every morning, basically for the same reason. *ARTEESTS*… also ur SO PRETTYYY.
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    Oh God all the naked people pictures the coppers would find on my computer…
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