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the-silent-g asked: Interesting (maybe TMI) fact about myself - I've never developed any underarm hair! I am the envy of lots of my lady friends. Your turn!


the-silent-g WHAT, FOR SERIOUS?? Lucky.

Okay, when I was a kid, I was like a borderline furry maybe? I really wanted to be able to change into animals. Like, maybe Animorph is a better word to use, they were big at the time. I specifically remember being about 7/8, and being really upset by my lack of body hair, and PRAYING that I would have hairy arms one day.

Welllllllll I got my wish :I *shave shave shave*

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  1. despicableplankton said: You would be the smexiest werewolf ever, Katie, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  2. sugarapplesweet said: But you got to live the dream! Little you would be ecstatic! XD
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