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I was having a bad day, and was doodling some things during a quiet moment at work (often the only time I really have to draw recently) and this fabulous older gent in a fancy hat and striped shirt walked over to me from seemingly nowhere at all. I instantly knew him to be an artist (the hat always gives it away), and he asked me if I was drawing or writing. I said drawing, and he smiled. ‘Good, I’m an artist too!” (nailed it.) Then, he grinned and said ‘drawing is really the only thing that keeps you from going crazy, isn’t it?’ We both burst out laughing and nodded. Then he wandered away. I like to think he was my spirit animal.

It’s true though, isn’t it? Need to get the derp and the crazy out of your system, need to draw your out thoughts and imagery debris, or you’ll clog an artery or something.

Anyway, here are some doodles from that day and beyond.

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